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car enthusiast – preferably sixties and seventies..
classic car restauration
classic car collector

Mr. dodge – part 4 (2015)

So…the van proved to be reliable and next rework was in plan. Ricola wanted to have a decent sleeping place and the space from the sliding door open to rear doors was just wide enough. Thanks to the maxivan version […]

Mr. Dodge, Part 3 (2014)

transfer from switzerland to bavaria and – ricola wants to sicely the transfer from switzerland to my shop in bavaria went smooth…at least most of it. Around buxheim a popping noice anounced problems. the doghouse above the engine did not […]

Mr. Dodge, Part 2 (2013)

Will we get the dodge ? No number plate and a huge community about 15 minutes south of zuerich. How about i ring all the bells and ask for the owner ? you are not in germany…we dont do this […]

Mister Dodge – a 1974 b300 royal sportsman maxivan (2012)

sounds a bit like a big mac ? In the porsche elferteam community already a celebrity because the history of that specific van has 75.000 hits. In a porsche forum ? – a van ??? chapter one – what van […]

you have a mechanical petrol pump in your classic car ?

That pump is a low tech mechanical device attached to the engine and driven by the engine itself only when running. Most pumps are sealed units so you cant renew the rubber pump part inside. There is no lifecycle information […]

cheers from starnberger see…old cars in b/w

more cars to come soon. Thanks to Jo for invitation.