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Hi, my name is Martin; I was the orginal inventor of iModeler and are now a happy member of the team running it. If you want to know more about me, please read: Editor’s Story: How iModeler Came to Be at

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A Tour of E&R-Classics, The Netherlands

When you’re approaching to E&R’s facilities that are located right next to the motorway in the Durch city of Waalwijk, you feel reminded of a current BMW or Audi dealer. If there’s something like the contrary of oily fingers and […]

BMW M1 Art Car, Andy Warhol

Anstatt wie seine Vorgänger ein maßstabgetreues Modell zu gestalten und das Auto bei Profihandwerkern realisieren zu lassen, kommt Andy Warhol nach einigen misslungen Versuchen am Modell 1979 persönlich nach München und gestaltet den BMW M1 eigenhändig. Er benötigt 26 Minuten. […]

Retro Classics 2018: Die Pagoden

Einer der letzten Artikel aus unserem Retro Classics Rückblick 2018: eine Reihe der schönsten Pagoden, die wir bei unserem Rundgang gesehen haben. Preise bewegen sich zwischen 70 Tausend Euro für schöne, unrestaurierte Exemplare bis zu einer Viertelmillion für perfekte, restaurierte. […]

Retro Classics 2018: Ferrari 308

Two cars, a GTS and a GTB, for 79 and 78 grand. You can start dreaming now and the Grand Retro team thinks that these models still have room for price increase which makes them worth a thought for level-headed […]

Retro Classics 2018: 911 Prices, the Later Years

We start with a well maintained, good condition 165 BHP 911S from 77 in a decent, but still seventies-like colour combination. The costs are 79 grand, which sounds like quite a bit on the upper end of the price range […]

Retro Classics 2018: 911 Prices, the Early Years

In its home city Stuttgart, expectedly 911 offerings were running high. See our overview about price tags, without negotiation and without verification of appropriateness: This 1970 Pastellblau 2.2 with an older restoration and a brand new overhaul of engine and […]

From All The Cars That Were Never Built …

… in series this is one of those that had earned it most. Mercedes C111. Live from Retro Classics in Stuttgart.

Live From Retro Classics: A Long Way Back

Shipped to its first owner 1972 in Chicago. Sold including the inevitable restoration.

Three Ways to Make Your Vintage Car Pics Stand Out

1. Choose an interesting angle. Instead of holding your camera at eye level, why not choose a different perspective? Cower down for example to make your car look a lot more impressive. Choose a tight image section to really bring […]

Why Use Grand Retro? Part 2: The Classic-Car Magazine

Grand Retro is a classic car magazine which is created entirely by the Grand Retro Users. Take it with you on your sofa on a Sunday afternoon or read it while you go to work. Unlike a print magazine you […]

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