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A life long love affair with Alfa Romeo and Porsche.

911 Carrera Lenkradreparatur

Ermutigt von Peters Bericht (@kartfahrer) Winterarbeiten (I): Lenkrad nachnähen habe ich mich am Wochenende an die Reparatur eines späten Carrera-Lenkrades gemacht. Wie man sieht, hatte sich der Faden der Ziernaht an der Oberkante zersetzt – vermutlich nicht zufällig an der […]

Trip through Time to the Seventies

If you like the Seventies and if you ask yourself what to do with the long weekend at the doorstep, here’s the plan. Get up very early in the morning and enjoy the sunrise with your classic car. Drive the […]

There’s a Bomb Ticking Behind Your Door

If there’s water in the foot well of your 911 or any other car, the door foils are one of three usual suspects. The water will first ruin the door panels, then trickle in the carpet and after some years […]

How To Seal a 911 Targa, Porsche Video

This is an original Porsche tutorial about numerous means to seal doors and roof of the classic 911 Targa and to make the roof less noisy. Besides being extremely helpful, its unique eighties style makes it a pleasure to watch. […]

Porsche 911, Changing Door Window Seals

You simply have to do this from time to time at your F- and G-models. These are the parts involved, replacing all the rubber parts costs about 150 Euros and the work takes about a day to be finished: Avoiding […]

Pedals and Foot Well Maintenance, Porsche 911

Doing some sealing work of the Targa roof and the door seals these days. Not yet finished, report will follow. When there’s something wrong with the roof and doors, no matter what car, normally you find the water in the […]

Terry’s 911 Goes Back to Europe

If a car from the seventies manages to survive for more than 40 years, there is a reason for that. It’s just not happening without one or more circumstances that are specifically extraordinary. Taking it from here: Terry’s 911 Terry’s […]

Alfa Romeo Spider – The Duetto

For an unbelievable 52 years now the 105/115 series Alfa Romeo Spider has been turning our heads. The continuous modifications it had to undergo during its unmatched 27 years of production show a strange mixture of appreciation and rejection. Time […]

Der Furkapass, eine Einladung

Am 17. September 1964 steigt in London die Premiere von Goldfinger, in der Bundesrepublik Deutschland kommt der Film am 26. Januar 1965 in die Kinos. Shirley Bassey lässt mit einzigartig komplex schwirrender Stimme den Bond Song der Bond Songs entstehen. […]

The Porsche Museum

During the opening hours, it’s not all that easy to take good pictures in car museums. But of course it can be done.