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Change of mufflers

It drove me nuts for a while already, that, after hitting numerous speed ramps etc. with my mufflers, these were starting producing shattering noises. Last week, the shipping from SNG in England arrived and I had the mufflers changed at the wor[...]

911 G-Model Maintenance Special

If it's your injection system that needs some attention or time for a valve adjustment, a repair of the steering wheel or doors that leak water, find the answer for this and many other maintenance challenges of your 911 G-Model on Grand Retro. Y[...]

911 Wartung: Ventile einstellen

(English version below) Die Wartung an einem Oldtimer kann man recht gut selbst machen. Vieles ist gradezu simpel, wie Luftfilter wechseln, Verteilerkappe und Finger wechseln oder auch die Zündkerzen sind mit dem originalen Schlüssel aus dem Bor[...]

Saturday Morning Maintenance

More maintained and mended at my current 911 project: - New gear oil. As we all know some kind of pump, manual or electrical, is required to do this. Proxon’s offering with 12V connector is a good deal. - After the[...]

There’s a Bomb Ticking Behind Your Door

If there's water in the foot well of your 911 or any other car, the door foils are one of three usual suspects. The water will first ruin the door panels, then trickle in the carpet and after some years corrosion will destroy the floor plate and[...]

How to Build a Spray Booth, Part 2

Featured article of the Grand Retro team: Home Built by Jeff

How to Build a Spray Booth

Featured article of the Grand Retro team: Home Built by Jeff Who dares to do?

Fensterheber im 911 Urmodell

(English version below) Hier kommt mein über zwei Wochen Fehlersuche zusammen getragenes Wissen zu den Fensterhebern im 911 G-Modell. Mein "Model" ist ein 3.2 Carrera von 1987. Die Wippen in der Tür schalten direkt den Strom für den Hebermotor,[...]

you have a mechanical petrol pump in your classic car ?

That pump is a low tech mechanical device attached to the engine and driven by the engine itself only when running. Most pumps are sealed units so you cant renew the rubber pump part inside. There is no lifecycle information when to change/re[...]

911 Carrera Lenkradreparatur

Ermutigt von Peters Bericht (@kartfahrer) habe ich mich am Wochenende an die Reparatur eines späten Carrera-Lenkrades gemacht. Wie man sieht, hatte sich der Faden der Ziernaht an[...]