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911 Carrera Lenkradreparatur

Ermutigt von Peters Bericht (@kartfahrer) Winterarbeiten (I): Lenkrad nachnähen habe ich mich am Wochenende an die Reparatur eines späten Carrera-Lenkrades gemacht. Wie man sieht, hatte sich der Faden der Ziernaht an der Oberkante zersetzt – vermutlich nicht zufällig an der […]

Trip through Time to the Seventies

If you like the Seventies and if you ask yourself what to do with the long weekend at the doorstep, here’s the plan. Get up very early in the morning and enjoy the sunrise with your classic car. Drive the […]

Retro Classics 2018: 911 Prices, the Later Years

We start with a well maintained, good condition 165 BHP 911S from 77 in a decent, but still seventies-like colour combination. The costs are 79 grand, which sounds like quite a bit on the upper end of the price range […]

Retro Classics 2018: 911 Prices, the Early Years

In its home city Stuttgart, expectedly 911 offerings were running high. See our overview about price tags, without negotiation and without verification of appropriateness: This 1970 Pastellblau 2.2 with an older restoration and a brand new overhaul of engine and […]

Porsche 930 Desaster

Folks, hard to comment these pictures of a beautiful 930 almost eaten-up by iron oxide. The only thing you can do is hoping that it won’t happen to you. Norbert.

Porsche 911 70ies Color Schemes

Porsche’s 70ies color schemes clearly are one of the great achievements of mankind. If it were 1979, how would you order yours? Please answer in the comment section of this article. You may also go to and show us […]

K-Jetronic In Seven Points

The K-Jetronic in Seven Points What you really need to know about it, if you’re not supposed to repair it. The Bosch K-Jetronic, in the Seventies and Eighties was used in countless, especially German cars, including the beloved 911, Golf […]

It Is Extremely Dangerous

… to fall in love with things that rust. But hey, the ways of love are strange in deed.