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911 G-Model Maintenance Special

If it's your injection system that needs some attention or time for a valve adjustment, a repair of the steering wheel or doors that leak water, find the answer for this and many other maintenance challenges of your 911 G-Model on Grand Retro. Y[...]

Hamburg to Munich in the Porsche 911S, 2.7

Hamburg? Yes, it’s pretty cool. They have a harbor there and the Reeperbahn where you can do stuff. The cranes in the harbor look nice, especially when seen from the luxurious architectural apartments of Hafenviertel; the habitat of Hamburg’[...]

There’s a Bomb Ticking Behind Your Door

If there's water in the foot well of your 911 or any other car, the door foils are one of three usual suspects. The water will first ruin the door panels, then trickle in the carpet and after some years corrosion will destroy the floor plate and[...]

Hey, Little Sister – Porsche 914

Ein erfolgreiches Autoprojekt weckt Begehrlichkeiten im Management. Der 911, die DS, die Mercedes Mittelklasse, Ferraris 12-Zylinder, Fiats erstes Auto der Neuzeit, der Ritmo, BMWs 6-Zylinder und V8-Modelle und Alfas formidable Giulia-Serie, sie[...]

How To Seal a 911 Targa, Porsche Video

This is an original Porsche tutorial about numerous means to seal doors and roof of the classic 911 Targa and to make the roof less noisy. Besides being extremely helpful, its unique eighties style makes it a pleasure to watch. To my knowledge [...]

Porsche 911, Changing Door Window Seals

You simply have to do this from time to time at your F- and G-models. These are the parts involved, replacing all the rubber parts costs about 150 Euros and the work takes about a day to be finished: Avoiding leakage is not the point of door wi[...]

Pedals and Foot Well Maintenance, Porsche 911

Doing some sealing work of the Targa roof and the door seals these days. Not yet finished, report will follow. When there’s something wrong with the roof and doors, no matter what car, normally you find the water in the foot well around the peda[...]

Live From Retro Classics: A Long Way Back

Shipped to its first owner 1972 in Chicago. Sold including the inevitable restoration.

In The Bank It’s Not Safe Either, Porsche 928 Special

As can be seen in this week's stock market: in the bank your money is not save either. If thinking about the next classic car to own is as much a delight for you as it is for us, enjoy reading this month’s selection of Porsche 928. And remember:[...]

Porsche 928 – Auto des Jahrzehnts

Porsche 928 – Auto des Jahrzehnts 1979 Jahre Advertisement / Reklamé / Werbung In Germany, it doesn’t compete with cars. It competes with airplanes. 1987 Advertisement Porsche 928 S4 It’s about as fast as you I can go without having to eat air[...]
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