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Giulia, part 2: will she be rusty?

I bought this '72 Giulia Super 1.3 in the internet, without seeing her before. Then I went to Napoli by train and transferred her home on wheels. You say that this is all wrong? Yes, I know. Let's see how wrong.

DIY Zinc Coating using the Gateros-Kit

Painting classic car parts to restore them and protect them from corrosion? Would it make sense to do zinc plating (electrogalvanizing) instead? Yes it does! Here's what you need to know when using the Gateros-Kit.

..what is your petrol project these days ?

time to revitalize that Forum - Petrolheads where are you ?

Driving home from christmas holiday

cheers (pics stolen at thespeedhunters instagram)

männerbärte und backdate porsches – Guten Morgen 😎

wintertime … salty roads will ruin your ride ?

on a dry sunny winters day ? To valuable ? To scary about a „rust attack“ ? The heating does not work ? The insurance coverage is not valid ? The car should be preserved for my children? The paintjob was to expensive? Its again the eth[...]

Small retro ;) Schwarzwald moped marathon

Remember when you were young and had a 50ccm motorcycle only ?

Fender Restoration

mister dodge ready to rumble …


Gone fishing …