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1985 Alfa GTV6

Hello all. Johannes hijacked me from over on iModeler with this site about one of my other interests! I thought I’d share my favorite car in my collection as a first post.

My involvement in Alfas is a complete accident (literally) and ownership of this particular car is also due to accident and coincidence. I had been visiting Reina International in Milwaukee and drooling over cars for years and one of the guys there supported my habit and always would talk to me about what was in the showroom. This just made me want a vintage car even more. One day in ’98 I went in and they had a beautiful orange 1973 Porsche 914 2.0 on the lot. By this time I was earning enough I could afford to buy it so we went out on a test drive and I took it home the week after.
Here’s where the accident comes in. Fast forward six months. I’m out on a spirited drive going a little faster than I should have been in the mist when the tail stepped out. I stared directly at a telephone pole and sure enough that’s exactly where the car headed and hit it sideways. It hit on the tiny section of the fender between the wheel opening and the door. The wing was the only body panel actually dented, but the cowl was directly behind it and as such it bent the frame longitudinally and twisted it vertically. I went back to Filippo with the sad tale and some insurance money. After a few weeks of looking he said he couldn’t find another ’73 914 2.0 that wasn’t either tatty or out of my price range. He walked me over to a black GTV6 and assured me it would be fun. We went for a drive, then he took me for a ride way faster than I was going. (He races a GTV6 in SCCA at Road America so it was indeed a ride!) Now this car was not a beauty queen and had some rust which really got bad as I drove it through a Wisconsin winter the first year I had it.
Here’s the second accident that led me to this car! One day while filling the tank in my black GTV6 I forgot to replace the cap and ran it over. The next chance I got I went to Reina to see if they had one. When I got to Milwaukee the interstate was jammed so I got off onto the surface roads. After a couple of blocks I spot a blue GTV6 at a printing shop and not being a common site I stopped to chat with the owner Randy who ended up being the treasurer of the Wisconsin Alfa club. I asked if he knew where I could get a GTV6 as nice as his and he gave his number. The car was in Cedarberg Wi owned by a nice old man who unfortunately had contracted MS and Randy asked me to meet him there. I was interviewed by the owner presumably to make sure I wasn’t going to do to the car what typical kids my age did to cars at the time and to see if I was going to properly care for it. Eventually I was taken to the garage, the cover was pulled off the car and I was sold instantly! This car was the same car I had drooled over when mine was in for a propshaft rebuild in Campbellsport! Now it sits in MY garage. I sometimes still can’t believe it!
Now the previous owner has passed on, my mechanic in Campbellsport has moved to Pheonix so now I’m my mechanic. After almost 13 years in my possession I did my first propshaft rebuild two years ago and will be replacing the clutch disk and timing belt next spring. I’ve had the belt changed once, but since it is very inconvenient to drive over 100 miles to have it done I got over the fear and tackled the same job on my 164. The GTV6’s belt will be much easier!
I’ll post some better pictures in the spring when it’s properly cleaned. These were taken at the end of the driving season.

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8 responses to 1985 Alfa GTV6

  1. I love the combination of colors, Josh. And especially the wheels!
    I have a 159 in pretty much exactly this color, but I had no idea that it goes back to classic Alfas of the Seventies.

  2. Yeah, the color or a variation of it has been around for a while. Fellow iModeller Gabor Szabo is restoring an Alfetta GT, the four cylinder version of this car. The last pictures he sent me eight months ago showed the disassembled body with some very nice paint on it! I wonder if he’s gotten around to putting anything back in it yet.

  3. I’ve owned a few Alfa Romeos over the years starting with a Giulia GTV back in the early 1970s, a couple of Alfa Suds (fantastic little cars), a couple of later saloons, all great cars. Now here in China they are just fond memories, Alfa Romeos are not imported here, at least not at present. Some good news, they are returning to the BTCC in 2018. Your GTV looks beautiful, Josh, how do you find the driving position?

  4. Hiya George!! I find the driving position very comfortable, but I have short legs for my height. Apparently I fit the Italian body style because I always hear of journalists complaining of the long armed, short legged Italian driving style! The best thing is the visibility. There is a generous amount of glass area letting a lot of light in and more importantly, letting me see out! By comparison my 164 has a terrible view out the back, but the 164’s massive amount of trunk space (which is the main culprit for the visibility problem) makes up for it! It also has fairly large C pilliars so I’m always careful changing lanes.

  5. Friends, that is a pretty impressive Alfa history. I can contribute the Spider that I’ve described in my articles plus the above mentioned 10 years old 159. The current Alfa of my dreams is a 2600 Spider, but also the Duetto (osso di sepia) keeps me upset.

    • No, but I did get my clutch disks back last week and the unit assembled. First road trip in the Hornet, 160 miles round trip. I think I’ll have a day next weekend to actually get the clutch in the car. The belt will be next spring. It’s been down since May and I don’t see too many miles getting put on this year.

      The large disk is the single plate I ordered believing my car had already been converted. The smaller two are the relined units.

      P.S. I do say I like the Duetto in your cover photo. I think they are the prettiest Spiders and the color suits it well. (Alhough this would be one I would want I don’t think I’d turn any Spider down but I would want one before Alfa got rid of the twin pod gauge cluster I think in ’84 or ’85.)

      2 additional images. Click to enlarge.

      • Thanks for an extensive answer, Josh.
        The Duetto in my wallpaper is actually not my real one, but a google picture. I didn’t have a proper picture of mine at hand. Mine is a fastback in a similar kind of green, a bit darker though.
        Yes, the gauge pots are a must.

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