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A Reasonably Priced Bond Car

Buying a silver DB5 today requires a fair amount of self-awareness. The Aston Martin has become iconic to such an extent that the driver’s body mass index may not diverge from Sean Connery’s in any significant way. Paying at least 500 grand and being exposed to ridicule – let’s look for alternatives, because still, driving up the Furkapass to the Rhone Glacier like Bond and Goldfinger did, is a pleasure you should not miss.
The DBS, the automotive main actor of A Quantum of Solace (I’m sure you remember the unmatched car chase at Lago di Garda) requires about 1/10 of the budget for a DB5 and is much more tolerant regarding the Bondness of the driver. If you are into Aston Martin by the way: the DB8 has dropped down to 25 grand recently. Do it now, it won’t get any cheaper.
Budget Bond cars are available at BMW. In fact yes, the exquisit Z8 is as expensive as it ever was, one almost gets the impression that it never fell below the initial price. On the other hand it was cut in half anyway.
The Z3, however, Pierce Brosnan’s roadster from Golden Eye is the way to go. You can get crappy Z3 for half a month’s salary to enjoy them two summers and you can also get really nice ones to care for.
If BMW appears too little British and Aston Martin too snooty, there still is a way for you: the Lotus Esprit. They are starting at 10 grand today, good ones cost 30 and for 60 you get the perfect one. The early 2.0 four-cylinders are a bit on the weak side regarding performance, but you can always look for the Turbo version. And if you plan to convert them to a submarine, the power output will be fine in any case.

Picture Z3: wikipedia, picture Esprit:

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  1. I own two! A GTV6 from Octopussy and an AMC Hornet from Man with the Golden Gun! Although not technically Bond cars as they didn’t have all the weapons and gadgets, Roger Moore did drive one of each type so I say it counts! (And the over the river roll with the Hornet was pretty cool!)

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