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Fiat in Stockholm

According to my notes i must have stumbled upon this white little pearl in July, 2009. As you may see from the photos it was a sunny day and the bright paint shone like a sugar cube and attracted me like such, as a bee to a flower´s sweet nectar. Looking a bit closer it had had a few spots of rust, but hey, it´s a Fiat 500! As an added touch of don´t-give-a-damn to its already cocky sit it had a parking ticket under one of the wipers.

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4 responses to Fiat in Stockholm

  1. I was chasing one of those many years back because it had my favorite color of that time, a brownish kind of orange.
    The point is: because of many 500 surviving in sunny Italy the supply still is pretty good which keeps the prices low. Giving a bit of care and repair to a beauty such as the one in your pics, economically just doesn’t make sense for many owners. You’ve got to fall in love with one and rescue it!

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