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Retro Classics Nürnberg 2017 – The Blue-White Propeller

The Nürnberg car show is almost a home play for the great Bavarian cars. We see an iconic orange 02 and a shark-like elegant white 2000 C coupe for 17.500.
The first 3 series in reseda green used to be the well earning civil servant’s choice, today it’s a lovely practical car.
The black E34, 5 series from the nineties, with 231 horse power as B10 from Alpine will make you one of the quick guys even today – for a sweet 29.900. Another one in white as M5 3.8 raises the bar to even 340 PS. The evergreen Isetta in a lovely bi-colour trim takes it slow on a Sunday afternoon, 20k and it could be you who slows down traffic.
An E3 in Atlantik Blue from Italy, initially registered in 1973, comes with incredibly beautiful details as 3.0S: chrome all over, beige interior, wooden steering wheel and fantastic aluminium wheels. This car’s successor was the first 5series and we see a flawless one as 520/6 in Kaschmir metallic. The owner says it wasn’t used at all since 1991.
That was about the time when BMW released its 8-series and the Munich company, flushed with success ever before and after, had to accept that far too few customers really wanted it. Stunningly exactly this car is turning in a veritable classic these days, especially if it carries an eye watering deep see blue.
Finally, we see a “small” Barockengel, meaning it’s equipped with only the 2 litre six-cylinder with 72 horsepower and its British cousin, a marvellous wine-red Bristol 400. Bristol took over Fraser Nash right after the war, who had built BMW designs as licensed product since 1934.

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