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Terry’s 911

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This 911 was sold to its first owner in summer 1976 in Lebanon, New Jersey. In late summer the owner Terry decided to have an air conditioning installed and the fact that next time it was serviced in early May 77, with only four miles later, makes me think that Terry bought the Targa as his summer car.
Terry moved up to Milwaukee in the late Seventies and continued using it regularly, but not very intensively. It collected one or two service and repair bills per year and none of the altogether two dozens bears a date of a winter month. Terry held the car till 1989 when, sadly, he passed away. His son sold it to Ed in January 1990 with 57.626 miles for 13.500 bugs, see the polaroids and letter attached.
Ed, a radiologist from Menomminee, went down to Milwaukee to pick it up, got some old tires replaced and the radio fixed, received a Michigan title and the car went out of site for 18 years.
It was no earlier than 2008 when he felt attracted by his 911 again which after all these years only had 1000 more miles on the clock and some damages that you can find at cars that haven’t been used for too long. In 2009 Ed invested almost 9.000 Dollars to fix the brakes including tubes and the injection and ignition system at a Bosch Service Centre in Menominee.
With Ed passing away in 2010 we feel reminded about not to postpone things for too long. His obituary paid tribute to him as a “collector of classic planes and cars”, but obviously the 911 seems not to have been his most beloved one.
The 911 now went down to Texas where it had another two owners, David and Arthur. They used it for very rare excursions only, as six years later the clock shows only 2000 miles more. It had the fuel pump and the brake pedal fixed and received a new battery. No big deals, but at least the according bills incl. mileage plus insurance papers and titles show that the car was used and maintained on a regular base.
When it first was shown to me in January 2017 at a place near Hamburg, to be honest, I wasn’t too much attracted. The wheels were too small, it stood far too high from the ground (American versions of the 911 had to reach the requested height of the bumpers) and many smaller damages of the paint made it look rather shabby. Love at first sight just didn’t take place, but something was growing on me that that this little green car with its cognac interior of artificial leather could be mine one day. Stay tuned in this channel to see how Terry’s 911 came back to life in spring 2017.

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