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..the end of the year with current projects

it was a lot of work and a lot of problems along the way to setup new unit … I hope that I left everything behind me and the new year will bring much more happiness and interesting projects .

Again i wish all the best for all members

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5 responses to ..the end of the year with current projects

  1. Wow, I can see two here that are too good to be true:
    Is that a real, in the flesh, 300 SL?
    And a Lancia Flaminia?

  2. the coming year I will have the opportunity to start working on these two cars and I will report on current basis day to day

  3. Lots of attractive bodies in there… but wait, a Triumph 2500? And in good shape, I presume… you don’t get to see those very often! It would be interesting to learn a story behind it.

  4. Wow, a Fiero in some nice company at the shop. I have owned two. An 84 which was a dog with the 2.5 although it ran forever, but also an 88 Formula which was a much better car. I drove it just as much as my Alfa. (Although it was faster, it still didn’t handle as well as my 77 X 1/9. You can really feel the extra weight!) The V6 sounds nice and after replacing the very stiff original shift cables with a set from Rodney Dickman it shifted like a dream! I would buy another 88 Formula in a second. Even at almost 30 years old the interior was rattle and squeak free. I think it is a fairly underrated car as the last ones were really quite nice!

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