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E-Type Series 2 Coupé 2+2, Part 1

This is the story of our E-Type 2+2 Coupé which we bought in the US and which is being restored in our workshop in Hamburg. We’ll be getting down to the nuts and bolts with this one. The entire restoration project will be published here on Grand Retro in about 10 different articles, beginning today with an examination and inventory.
The disassembled car arrived at the workshop in the still warm light of the early autumn sun. In the meantime the paint job has been finished and we can show a sneak preview picture of the fully painted body.
But back to autumn first. We found the condition of the body not too bad. Unsurprisingly some panels will have to be replaced and some sheet metal will have to be added, especially at the wheel arches and the door sills. The underbody panel we decided to replace completely.

Looking forward to your comments …

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10 responses to E-Type Series 2 Coupé 2+2, Part 1

  1. Looking forward to following this.
    That is a chemical paint stripping, right?

    • Absolutely correct! Step 1 is a chemical paintstripping, secondly chemical rust removal and then KTL coating. This is the perfect preparation of the body for long lasting fun with a perfect car after restoration.

      • It definitely is!
        The liquids go into all the hollow spaces and all kinds of cracks and crevices. After KTL is applied, every single bit of the body, inside and outside, is covered with a layer of paint. It’s almost to good to be true.

        • Thanks for your replies.
          Could one also use a galvanisation instead of the KTL?

          • Hi Alessandro,
            this is an interesting question. The simple answer to it is: Nobody does it and there must be a reason for it.
            Some say that the galvanisation porocess would harm the structure of the metal, others say that it is too expensive. However, while the second argument is relative, the first is – as far as I know – true only for hot galvanisation.
            Another point is much more important:
            The most crucial issue in all bare metal restorations is rust removal and, of course, thereafter protection against new rust. The critical parts in this respect at car bodies are the areas where metal is folded an spotted against metal. While you will reach the metal surface between the foldings with KTL, you won´t do so with galvanisation. Because of the electro-magnetical nature of the process, the zinc-ions will only cover the areas next to the folding but not “creep” in between. The protection in these areas is even more important, if you have removed the rust chemically in a dip tank before, as this process is very agressive and creates high vulnerability to new rusting.
            This is, why I would recommend to galvanize car bodies during restoration.

          • That’s exactly it.
            And there is one more point about it: unlike KTL paint, zinc will change its state back from liquid to solid quickly after the body is removed from the zinc bath and is cooling down. If the body is not designed for zinc dipping from the start, big amounts of zinc may be captured in hollow spaces and clog them.

  2. Gut, dass sich Vollrestaurationen wie diese inzwischen auch für Serie 2 Coupés rentieren. So überleben mehr!

  3. I’m looking forward for Part 2 …amazing car and definitely done in right way the color!

  4. And here’s the girl view: this car is sexy like no other and the color is cool as well.

  5. Thanks for explaining, guys. That’s very clear to me.

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