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Porsche 1979: Dr.-Ing.h.c. Ferdinand Porsche 70th Birthday

A great day. 19th September 1979.

At the beginning of 1979 I left England to start working as a designer / Stylist within Style Porsche in Weissach.
On the 19th of September Hans Lapine appeared in the studios and the word went round that we were all to make a trip to Zuffenhausen. A selection of cars were quickly found and off we went.
So together with Hans Lapine, Dick Soderberg, and other members of ‘Style Porsche’ I found my self standing in Dr.-Ing.h.c. Ferdinand Porsche’s office about an hour later. We presented the great man with a drawing signed by all the members of style Porsche.
I remember standing quietly in the background, slightly overwhelmed by the situation. Some days later I received this small card and coin which was only given to employees at the time.

I have translated it is best I can.

“Dear staff,
more than 30 years ago with the help of a few highly enthusiastic employees we constructed and built the first Porsche sports car the 356
It was not only the beginning of our own production, but also the starting point for our development to the most successful sports car maker at all.
Full of joy, I think back to the years, that I was allowed to experience together with these employees.
For that, I would like to thank you by giving this coin commemorating my 70th birthday, with best wishes for a healthy and successful future!
Ferry Porsche “

2 responses to Porsche 1979: Dr.-Ing.h.c. Ferdinand Porsche 70th Birthday

  1. Hi Rob, one can not praise you guys enough for the work you did in the late seventies and I emphasise that this includes the 924 and 928 series. I’ve started appreciating them a while ago and it’s getting more day by day.

  2. The typewriter kind of charm brings you on your knees.

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