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Porsche 912 1967 Rustbucket


This 912 was bought in good faith by a client of ours. It was bought, as many other cars, online with the sellers sole judgement of the car nased on some nice pics send to him by email. As soon as the car arrived we soon discovered that the car in the pics was not the same standing in front of us…. the whole floor and suspension and trailing arms mounting points were covered in glasfiber and filler topped of with undercoating spray. Needless to say the disappointment was tremendous. We will be performing some mayor surgery on this one in order to make it a roadworthy car. In order to achive that the car will be place into a rotisserie this wk for the floor pan and after that the critical points will be repaired by the means of a Celette bench with the propper jig’s. The whole story will be posted on FB.

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11 responses to Porsche 912 1967 Rustbucket

  1. Jose, congratulations on your first entry, if something went wrong with the pictures please let me know and we’ll try to sort it out.

  2. So, where’s the rust bucket?

  3. Man, these pictures are really shocking me.
    The financial damage to your customer must be huge.

  4. The nightmare of classic car owner.
    Please fix this!

  5. I’m very much looking forward to follow this.
    From a financial point of view a really good 912 is around 60 k€ in northern Italy and Germany. That’s enough reason to get this fixed.

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