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The classic car scene in mainland China

I’ve been living in China for the last seven years and I’d like to tell you about the classic car scene here – frankly there isn’t one! There are at least three reasons for this situation. First, private car ownership is relatively new, not so long so only the top officials of the Communist Party were able to enjoy this privilege, so no “classic” cars exist.. Second, Chinese people, generally, are not interested in “old” things, they much prefer the latest models available, hence there are very few old buildings, they are knocked down and replaced with a new building, and it’s the same with cars. Lastly, a once a car is twelve cars old it cannot be used on the road anyway, for environmental reasons.

So, what are we left with? Well, there is the VW Jetta, as pictured above. It is based on Mk 2 Golf components and is still manufactured here. It is popular with some taxi companies, police forces and is used by many insurance companies as transport for their assessors. Surely the Mk 2 Golf is a classic car, especially the GTi, so, in my opinion, that’s it, and if I bought one now I could keep it for the next 12 years…………

3 responses to The classic car scene in mainland China

  1. As everybody these days is looking to China with everything, that’s kind of bad news for this hobby. Are you absolutely and completely forbidden to use any kind of car older than 12 years?

  2. Hi Johannes, thanks for looking at this. Beijing makes the rules and it’s up the local provinces to uphold the them. It could be that you might get special permission from the local government if you wanted to hold a special event, but, generally it seems to be the rule.

    By the way, I don’t know if you received my e-mail, but we still haven’t received those iModeler T-shirts………

  3. Man, I’d be up the creek! My NEWEST car, a Mazda RX8 is 13 years old. (Worse, it doesn’t even run AND I’m still making payments on it till September!) After that it’s my ’92 Alfa 164 but my 1984 diesel Corolla is seeing me through the winter. So my daily driver is 34 years old and the fleet just gets older from there!

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