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In The Bank It’s Not Safe Either

If thinking about the next classic car to own is as much a delight for you as it is for us, enjoy reading this month’s selection of 40 year old cars for sale costing about 15 grand Euro. And remember: in the bank your money is not safe either.

You are from the UK and you’re looking for calling an MGB your own, right hand drive of course? Why don’t you come to Ferrara and pick it up? Promotor has one for you. With Lombardy, Piemont and whole France on your way, driving it home could well become some of the greatest days of your life.

Being a gardener, saddler or wedding cake maker, you could either buy a white Diesel van and paint it in a really extraordinary way or get a perfect metallic green Renault 4 to achieve an even higher level of attention in a sympathetic way. It’s waiting for you in Wolfsburg, Germany.

The uniqueness of Mercedes design lies in the fact that they bore you while they are contemporary, but once they become classic, their beauty unfolds. A 230C in metallic green with beige interior will show you what I mean. It’s on sale in Cologne offered by a private owner.

While Central and Northern Europe these days still shiver in the icy grip of winter, spring is already around the corner and it’s whispering: buy a cabriolet, buy a cabriolet …
At Oldtimers Montsegur in Belgium you can get a beige Beetle with only 130 thousand kilometers. It will show you what a pleasant drive 65 bhp can make and it even has the amazing Ritter wheels.

Recently here on Grand Retro we’ve been talking about Nippon’s first beauty, the Toyota 2000 GT.
If the million on it’s price tag is a little bit too much for you, you may have a look to its little cousin the Datsun 280Z. It is inspired by Graf Görtz just like the Toyota and a long hood, a classic interior and a fastback is what you get as well. Stuurman Classic Cars has one imported from the US, rust free as they say and with 170 bhp from a mighty 2.8 liter 6-cylinder.

Finally, our attention fell on a blue 7 series in Eastern Germany. Compared to the Datsun, it shows a completely different interpretation of 170 bhp form a straight six: comfort, size and status and a color combination with a class of its own. If you are one of the guys who appreciate a nice maintenance booklet, have they got one for you at Autopoint Gallinchen in Cottbus.

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2 responses to In The Bank It’s Not Safe Either

  1. The Mercedes is it!
    But if I were a wedding cake maker, things may look quite different. 🙂

  2. Give me the Beetle!

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