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In The Bank It’s Not Safe Either

This is a new series on Grand Retro: a number of rather affordable cars that you can purchase for about 10 grand Euros. On a monthly base we will scan the markets, select cars we like and present them to you.
Note: we have not evaluated these cars, nor do we mean this as recommendation to buy. If thinking about the next classic car to own is as much a delight for you as it is for us, enjoy reading!
This month’s selection comprises cars aged 40 years.

Germany is sending us a pure little Golf in its splendid original Giugiaro design. You may think the words Ferrari and Alfa Romeo now, but for us the Golf 1 is Giorgietto’s master piece. The car is on private sale in Ibbenbüren.

From The Netherlands the company TOP360 BV is offering us an original and unrestored E12, BMW’s 5 Series from the Seventies. If you put it next to BMW’s contemporary Autobahn battle ships, you will find that an elegant appearance is a virtue we have widely lost.

Again Germany: C.O.G. Classics GmbH in Dortmund has imported a remarkable Lancia Beta Berlina from Italy. The car is said to be an unrestored survivor owned by a family that only used it during its holidays in the Toscana. We agree to the Top Gear team that Lancia built some of the most fascinating cars of all times and this is one which is hard to resist.

Talking about Italy: if you find that the Giulia attracts far too much attention and that an Alfetta looks just as cool, has the same magnificent engine and costs half, like we do, here is something for you to dream of. Mantovani Ernesto srl offers this car in the beautiful Gonzaga-city Mantova and now you can start dreaming about picking it up there in spring and bringing it home slowly.

Yes, we love the DS too. However, there’s no good reason to love the CX less. The Netherlands offer an untouched one in 2.0 l Pallas version. Classic Cars Heemskerk is the dealer where you can get it, if we don’t get it first.

You like classic cars, but getting home safely and reliably is something you just can’t miss? That’s what Mercs are for. Monsieur Walter Sylvain has that irresistible 250 waiting for you in Paris. We recommend to get up early and have a ride through the sleeping city with it. Towards 7 am look for a brasserie and smell the warm croissants.

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6 responses to In The Bank It’s Not Safe Either

  1. Mantova – Vienna in spring … you got a point there.

  2. I’m all in with the croissant idea.

  3. I have never thought about the CX as an alternative for a DS, but the way this one looks to me, it is worth a thought in deed!

    (Mantova is too short of a ride for me) 🙂

  4. But of course the orginal Golf was a work of Giugiaro…. why had that escaped me. That explains whay it was the best looking of all the Golf generations…

  5. The story of the Lancia is amazing. Any idea about the milage?

  6. dreaming… there are so many interessting vintage cars out there.
    Just too few garages… 😉

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