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Louwman Museum. Over 200 cars on display at this stunning museum.

On a recent trip to Holland I found myself driving by this red bricked building near the Hague.
A ‘google it’ and I realised it was Hollands National Automobile Museum. A quick turn around, easy entry and parking in the underground car park and a few minutes later I had paid my entrance fee and was standing in the Cathedral like entrance area…truly stunning.
Housing over 200 cars which have been collected since around 1934 by the Louwman family this collection has been at this new museum since 2010. It really is worth a visit.

Entrance hall as seen from outside and inside.


Golden Arrow.

1912. Panhard & Levassor X19 Labourdette Skiff-Torpedo

1953. Fiat 100 Boat-car Carrozzeria Coriasco


1939.Lagonda V12 Le Mans Works.

1956.Jaguar d-Type XKD 606- Le Mans winner.

Abarth 209 A Coupe Boano.

Aston Martin.

1960 Porsche 718-2.

‘Original’.. James Bond DB 4.

1982.Lancia-Abarth LC1 Spider.

1971.Mclaren M8F.

1961.Watson Indianapolis.

Street scene and cafe.

1 additional image. Click to enlarge.

4 responses to Louwman Museum. Over 200 cars on display at this stunning museum.

  1. Woouw, I love the Lagonda.
    Who’s the guy with his hands in the pockets?

  2. Many fantastic cars in there, and it seems like a very broad collection.

    Seeing a James Bond DB4 makes me wonder how many “original” James Bond Aston Martins are out there? They must have used multiple cars of the same type?

  3. I think there must be…they are everywhere..

  4. the jaguar d-type is on my bucket list. definitely a decent long nose replica would
    do it….

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