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Maintenance of my MGB GT in Winter 17/18

My MGB GT performed very nicely last summer which made it a relaxed winter in terms of maintenance and repair.
In particular, I replaced
– the spark plugs, like every winter
– the rubber head light sealings which costed 12 Euros a pair
– the rear light sealings for 65 Euros a pair, god knows why they cost 5 times the front ones
– the driver seat upholstery, which I gave to a specialist workshop, spare parts 390 Euros, assembly another 300,
– the speedometer cable was replaced, spare part costed 90 Euros, installing it costed a couple of hours and a back ache
– I finally disassembled the tail gate door lock, cleaned it and gave it some new grease. Turns like a breeze now.

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5 responses to Maintenance of my MGB GT in Winter 17/18

  1. I always enjoyed the MG, especially the soft top…..oh and the V8 engined car too.

  2. Hi Norbert,

    your MG looks like new! Congrats!
    But why does it need spark plugs every year?
    Do you drive that much?

    Cheers, Peter

  3. if you drive a lot, how do you keep the wire-wheels in this “like new looking” condition?
    Amazing 🙂

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