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Porsche 911 70ies Color Schemes

Porsche’s 70ies color schemes clearly are one of the great achievements of mankind.

If it were 1979, how would you order yours? Please answer in the comment section of this article.
You may also go to and show us how yours looks.

We’re quoting former Porsche-designer Robert Powell (@Rob):
“Tony Lapine was a great fan of Tartan. In fact he often wore a dark green Tartan pair of trousers and the development of that cloth was certainly ‘inspired’ by him. When I joined Porsche in 79 there was a small ‘Colour and trim’ department made up of two fascinating women.”


5 additional images. Click to enlarge.

10 responses to Porsche 911 70ies Color Schemes

  1. Exterior Grand Prix Weiß, schwarzer Teppich, rot-blaue Karos.

  2. Exterior Kaschmirbeige, black carpet, black-brown Pascha seats (the second from above)

  3. Though it’s not a Ferrari, I’d take it in red (indischrot) and with red-blue tartans and black carpets and leather seats.

  4. Petrol blue metallic exterior, coffee brown leather with chocolate brown carpets for the interior.

  5. Never really had a favourite combination….
    But behind every cloth was a great deal of development. In colour and trim there where many rolls ( of cloth) of variations of a single Tartan… And each cloth had to survive simulated wear tests.. Fascinating stuff.

  6. Arrow blue with the third tartan! Carpets not sure …

  7. Cool subject. Interesting to see fake leather on the menu – that’s sooo 1970s 🙂

    How about Light Green Metallic exterior and grey (topmost) Velour. That would suit me just fine…

  8. I’d have to go with arrow blue over black leather as my first choice. I don’t see it on the color swatch but I’ve seen 1970 911s in Irish green over tan leather. (The olive green on the swatch that I thought I would like doesn’t look as good as I thought it would on the real car.) And I know a Porsche isn’t a Mercedes, but silver over red/black tartan would be my third choice. (Of course if I had the money, I could just get all three!)

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