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Why Use Grand Retro? Part 1: The Value of Your Car

How much is the price difference between a well documented car that comes with a ring binder filled with invoices, with photos and a complete record of ownership, if you compare it to its counterpart which is … just a car? Does it add up to 20%? Or maybe even higher?
Grand Retro is operated by a soundly financed start-up company owned by people who are as enthusiastic about classic cars as you are. We’ll be there for long, the files you upload today will remain accessible and they are safe, much safer than on your hard disk.
We’ve already started implementing functionality for you to create car journals and maintenance log books and it will be entirely up to you to keep certain files for yourself, share them with friends or all Grand Retro users or share them with the world at the day that you decide to sell your car. All the content that you create with Grand Retro today, you’ll be able to integrate to these journals.
Why is that better than storing records on your own? Because the classic car world is a place where words matter. The social affirmation that Grand Retro will give to your articles will give them what they earn: credibility.

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