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In The Bank It’s Not Safe Either, Porsche 928 Special

As can be seen in this week’s stock market: in the bank your money is not save either. If thinking about the next classic car to own is as much a delight for you as it is for us, enjoy reading this month’s selection of Porsche 928. And remember: if Donald is in the mood, he may well levy duties on old Porsches.

We begin with a powerful combination of lavender exterior, brown interior and tartan seats for 27.900 Euros. My take on this car: after almost 40 years it’s time for a new carpet anyway. Replace the carpet and the leatherette of the seats with a darker tone of brown and keep the tartan.
This 928 ran 190.000 km and has the original 4,4 liters engine with 241 bhp and automatic transmission.

A grand prix white 928 asks for a price of 38.500 Euros, but it’s also said to have run only 48.000 kilometers and it has our favorite interior style with black leather and Pascha seats. The offer belongs to GT-Classic in Essen, Germany.

A very interesting offer is reaching us from Madrid: a lindgrün metallic exterior with dark green and Pascha interior. The private owner says it is mechanically sane and 100% original, but needs refurbishment internally and a new paint job externally. This is a fair assessment which we would like to read more often. The price of 37.000 is said to be a base for negotiation.

Our final car, this time in Porsche’s famous tone oak green, is brought to us from California by a company from Fürstenfeldbruck, Germany. The interior is a tasteful combination of two different tones of brown and obviously needs an overhaul. On the other hand the price of 9.900 leaves a fair restoration budget up your sleeve.

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10 responses to In The Bank It’s Not Safe Either, Porsche 928 Special

  1. I’m contemplating about which one I like most.
    Pricing and all aside, I kind of like the weirdness of the Flieder.

  2. Any idea why the upholstery is called Pascha?

  3. I know a place where 3 of these are stored. 3 fine automobiles: 928 S, 928 S4 and 928 GT.

  4. good morning ! A friend of mine decided to collect some. Last
    time he was not sure how many, walked around and started
    counting….16 😬🤩 and his masterpice is the ex-example of ferry

  5. Does anyone know whether the lindgreen 928 ist still for sale and if yes how to get to the contact details?

  6. Thanks Johannes for you hint, however I screened close to the whole world for one of those, no luck so far ;-)))

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