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Look inside

Last year I had the chance to see several engines at work “from the inside”.
Among them a 911 engine, I guess it was exactly “mine”, a 204PS SC engine.
Unfortunately I didn’t find out how to upload mp4 videos.
It is really amazing to see the piston & valve ballet…

5 responses to Look inside

  1. Thanks for sharing this, Peter.
    To share a movie embedded to your article, please upload it to youtube, copy the link there and paste it into your article.

  2. I love the 204 PS 3.0.
    Response-wise my Nr. 1 among all G-Models.

  3. yes, I am quite happy with mine!
    And now, thanks to the hint: the videos…

  4. When I was young, this kind of cut-through engines was what you got from the apprentice workshop.
    Anyway, I too like it as a concept of art.

  5. Ist das Kunst oder kann das weg?

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