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Pedals and Foot Well Maintenance, Porsche 911

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Doing some sealing work of the Targa roof and the door seals these days. Not yet finished, report will follow.
When there’s something wrong with the roof and doors, no matter what car, normally you find the water in the foot well around the pedals.
The entire area had started to rust a bit, nothing serious and the floor panel not affected, but anyway, it didn’t look very nice. Cleaned it all up with reasonable amounts of MoS2 spray, used some cat litter to soak it up and the vacuum cleaner to get it out of the car again.
I think I will remove the entire pedal unit and plate next winter to paint it and give it some new grease, but spring is too close already to do it now.
The wooden step board looked rather filthy, so I replaced it by a repro from Rosepassion. I really like the French guys, the shipment was extremely quick and the quality of the panel is not bad at all. Though it’s not made of wood, but plastic, the material looks nice and trustworthy.

Any ideas how I could protect the blank metal from further rust for one summer?

Of course, the edge of the carpet was cleaned too.

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3 responses to Pedals and Foot Well Maintenance, Porsche 911

  1. I would use Fluid Film AS-R Spray.

  2. For the parts which should move and need some greasing FF ist good.
    To protect surfaces from rusting further I always use Owatrol.
    Stops corrosion and can be painted over.
    Change the bushings, too. There are bronce replacement kits for approx 20 EUR.

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