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Terry’s 911 Goes Back to Europe

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If a car from the seventies manages to survive for more than 40 years, there is a reason for that. It’s just not happening without one or more circumstances that are specifically extraordinary. Taking it from here:

Terry’s 911 survived because first it was a summer car, because then it became part of a collection and wasn’t used for daily businesses and finally because after that, it was operated in Texas where the sun doesn’t stop shining and salt on the streets seems as weird as salt in your coffee.
Europe and especially Germany have fallen in love with classic 911s in the past ten years and that means that hundreds and thousands of US cars were reimported to accommodate the demand. So was Terry’s 911. The whole import business was carried out by a Dutch company and from late January 2017 on it stood on the yard of a Northern German 911 specialist.
The 911 certainly is a quality car, but 40 years, you will not be able to argue them away. It accumulated a fair amount of scratches and dents, sealings were dry and brittle, behind the scenes the whole thing was quite filthy.

Breakdown lurked in the injection, the ignition, the countless rubber parts and plastic tubes of the engine, the brakes, the suspensions and the electrical system.

The brake booster was leaky, the steering column showed failures, the roof had wholes and the oil tank wouldn’t resist rust very much longer. Of course the exhaust system and the heaters were end of lifetime.

Not to mention the US bumpers and head lights, the tiny wheels and the fact that it stood far too high from the ground.

Was I disappointed? In fact I wasn’t. Buying a 911S 2.7 from the US for about 45 grand, this is what you get. You need to be aware that this is where it starts and not where it ends. Stay tuned and see Terry’s 911 come back to beauty.

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6 responses to Terry’s 911 Goes Back to Europe

  1. Obviously the heaters weren’t used in Texas. 🙂

  2. Worth the effort Johannes, you’ve turned her into a great looking targa!
    Can you perhaps tell me what the current ride height is? (measured from the ground till the bottom of the fender).
    Am about to adjust the height of the minion and love the stance of your targa!

    • Thank you, Kos.
      Please see the pictures attached. I’ve used the upper edge of the rocker covers as a reference point. I hope that works for you …

      2 attached images. Click to enlarge.

  3. Aha well thats another way of measuring 🙂
    What you best can do is measure from the floor straight up over the center cap of the weel until the bottom of the fender. This way you can easily measure the height in front and at the rear wheels, like in the attached picture from the internet (not mine).

    1 attached image. Click to enlarge.

  4. Hey Kos. That’s 62 cm, both front and rear.

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