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Back from the workshop

Well, spring is in full blossom already and „the cat“ had to undergo some maintaince before the TÜV (MOT) reneval. Grease and oils (engine, gearbox and differential), a set of new ignition cables, spark plugs, and new flex exhaust hoses were replaced. Due to the fact, that my E is pretty low, ground clearance often is troublesome. The old flex hoses were damaged by speed ramps and other obstacles.
We spend some time tuning the carbs, but the effort was worth while. The cat runs smooth as silck again. Wheel alignment was all over the place, we adjusted it to the correct measurements and roadholding and steering precision seriously improved from it. Ready for joining a classic car gathering at the lake constance next Sunday at Langenargen – looking forward to it!👍🏻

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  1. I love the “let’s get started” attitude of the pic.

  2. Thx👍🏻! Our meeting season opens tomorrow with the gathering at Langenargen (Bodensee). Looking forward to meeting new people🤗

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