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Porsche 911, Changing Door Window Seals

You simply have to do this from time to time at your F- and G-models. These are the parts involved, replacing all the rubber parts costs about 150 Euros and the work takes about a day to be finished:

Avoiding leakage is not the point of door window seals: water is passing through the doors no matter if these seals are nice and new or old and damaged. That’s the way it’s meant to be and the main part to seal the car’s interior from water coming in by the doors are the door foils that we will talk about later.
The point is corrosion and maybe noise caused by the window rattling loosely.
The seals use steal reinforcements and metal clips that heavily tend to rust and that can easily affect the door panels themselves.
To get started, removing all the doors’ interior is an easy thing to do, as Porsche used screws practically at all the parts. The only exception are (re-usable) plastic clips to attach the door boards.

Next we remove the chrome strip which is connected to the door panel with seven metal clips. Start with the rear one and use a big screw driver as a lever to unlock the clip and a piece of wood or plastic to protect the door from being scratched. Use the same method for at least the next two clips, don’t try to remove the chrome strip by pulling it off like a tape with too much strength, as this will cause bending and breaking.

The clips are likely to be rusty and filthy and if you wait too long with this work, rust will infect the door panels and work through the paint.

I used rust converter on the clips and it worked nicely. Note the tiny foam disks that were used by Porsche to protect the paint against the clips. It’s good to see how much care and thought was used by Porsche to build their cars.
The outer door seal can now be removed from the groove and replaced with a new one. I used the parts from the French company and they were nothing else but excellent in terms of material and fit. The front piece of the seal that covers the gap to the triangular window is glued to the
chrome strip. I removed it, cleaned it and adhered it again using contact glue.

Next the first of two inner seals is removed, again using a screw driver as a lever and this time some duct tape to protect the paint.

The metal clips of this seal were already heavily corroded and as you can see they started their work of destruction at the door panel already. Time to act in deed. Rust was cleaned up using MOS2 and wax was applied to stop it from coming back.

Finally the inner seal is replaced which an easy thing to do as it is simply pinned to the top of the door panel.

With the windows now held firmly by the tight new seals, all noises from the doors are gone and the experience to have cleared and protected the entire area from corrosion is giving me a nice feeling.

8 responses to Porsche 911, Changing Door Window Seals

  1. So you spent Easter Holiday in the workshop? 🙂

  2. Funny how a hand full of parts dealers make their way on the market for pretty much every car of interest. Funny also that a French company has become the 911 owners’ favorite for something as German as a Porsche.

  3. there are very good second sources in Germany as well.
    I personally had good experiences with four of them.
    Not everyone has every part and prices (and probably quality) differ as well.
    Try e.g.: Mittelmotor, Feboe, Maria Habeck, FVD, …

    And don’t forget: sometimes Porsche themselves have the best price.

  4. BTW: fumbled around with my doors recetly as well (adjusting Window height and inclination)
    But I never removed the seals so far. Perhaps worth a look 😉

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