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Retro Classics 2018: 911 Prices, the Later Years

We start with a well maintained, good condition 165 BHP 911S from 77 in a decent, but still seventies-like colour combination. The costs are 79 grand, which sounds like quite a bit on the upper end of the price range of this car.

Next we have a 3.0 Carrera in silver with black interior. This model was only produced during a short window of time from 1976 on. With 200 BHB and no US version, it is rare offer priced roughly 20 grand above the 2.7 of the time. The car at Retro Classics was offered for 70 grand but showed some potential for improvements.

The SC is represented by a 1983 Rubinrot Convertible from Las Vegas. Quite obviously rust is not an issue for a car from the desert, still the price of almost 80 grand seems a bit optimistic. Especially, as the US version doesn’t contain the great high compression 204 BHP version of the engine that the European models had in 1983.

That said, this very engine we find in another 83 SC with the colour Hellbronze (“hell” means light in German) with Pascha interior. A verbally transmitted price of “roughly 70 grand” is either a bit over the top or the car is in a very mint condition which could not be verified at the trade show.

A 3.2 Carrera from 86 in Indischrot we found as US version (207 BHP) for reasonable 58 thousand Euros, especially as the car received a repaint and a motor revision, whatever that means.

An according convertible, again reimported from the US, costs 69k.

The 3.2 shipped to Europe in the eighties have the high compression 231 BHP engine and that not only represents an output of 10% up, but also a much more vivid response to the slightest touch of the pedal. The pricing of 79 grand demonstrates the high demand for that model.
Difficult to say whether the seller achieved this price, as today’s market in Europe seems to cool down after five years of hype.

2 responses to Retro Classics 2018: 911 Prices, the Later Years

  1. I’m very curious how this will continue. I assume stagnation on the current level.

  2. I expect them to set back. 911, MB Pagode. 190SL are cuurently overpriced. Classic Data forecast is 👎🏻

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