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cheers from starnberger see…old cars in b/w

more cars to come soon. Thanks to Jo for invitation.

12 responses to cheers from starnberger see…old cars in b/w

  1. enjoy…any questions or urgent requests for cars seen – let me know – the chances are high I know the lucky owner or at least – a story behind.

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  2. I’m much attracted by the Lotus.
    Beautiful firist series, right?

  3. Seems like a mixture of historical pictures and personal ones.
    Keen to learn more …

  4. if we are lucky the owner of the esprit will also join here…lets wait for some days. If not – I can drop some words about the Lotus i got a ride four weeks ago.

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  5. And then there is this 308 GT4, arguably one of the most beautiful mid-engine Ferraris ever.
    So refined and subtle!

  6. in july we plan to do another foto shoot with an iceblue 308 gt4 and a little „pocket ferrari“, a red toyota mr2 gen2.

    today i met a bumperless alfa bertone on my way back to bavaria on the highway. The alfa was doing around 160km/h but I want not to push above 150 with the old opel …a few minutes later we met again in a traffic jam and gave us thumbs up 👍 Probably both cars same age or close.

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  7. Your Opel has beautiful typography. Not so much different from the Alfa, I’m sure you know.

  8. well, the opel is more american-style chevy chevelle look a like…the alfa is a sportscar from famous bertone. Amazing how small the alfa is…but a first
    series 911 is , too. A friend of mine had a racecar bertone and now he graded up
    to a silver 356 porsch.

    i love em all…and as a mechanic its such a pleasure to work on sixties and seventies cars. Eighties are still ok but it gets ugly with all that electronics in the nienties 🙄

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  9. I love em all. 🙂

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