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Mr. dodge – part 4 (2015)

This article is part of a series:
  1. Mister Dodge – part 1 – a 1974 b300 royal sportsman maxivan (2012)
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  4.   Mr. dodge – part 4 (2015)
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So…the van proved to be reliable and next rework was in plan. Ricola wanted to
have a decent sleeping place and the space from the sliding door open to rear doors
was just wide enough. Thanks to the maxivan version we had – 1,90 to 1,70 – probably
a good size for a couple – still in love – to have a good nights sleep.

Also some cooking and kitchen function would be nice. The first year we used
everything out of plastic boxes. working but not nice. Also these campingbed
foam units are ok for one or two nights. More nights you start to feel your
bones, especially you are much older than 25.

From the tech side I wanted more fuel economy. the stock all terrain dunlop tires had a
strange size…8.75×16,5 – what ? 16point5 ? Right, that is us standard for small
trucks and you dont get em in Europe easyly. Also These were bit noisy
around 65miles/hour no question with that all terrain profile.

How to get better milage with an old iron v8? Lower rpms or other fuel ? – one
of these modern psa diesel engines would be nice, like my brother had in
his mini cooper. But how to deal with electronics ? No, to much effort.
just lower rpms would help for the beginning. there are automatic transmissions
with an overdrive available…but these are costly and not plugnplay.

just more rubber for the rear wheels. But that will need other wheels. The
dodge hummer h2 or h3? had the same 8lugs layout. And these hummer kids love to upgrade to 20 or 22 Zoll wheels – the bigger the better.

So i got a set of stock aluminium 17 Zoll coated in black foil for 100 Euros each wheel. scratched off the black stuff and installed two identical size rubbers for the front
235/70/17 and the largest diameter what fits under the wheel arches for the rear: 235/80/17.

A specialist company machined a set of fine spacers made out of aircraft aluminium.
Even Ricola could feel the better gripp with the new tires from the passenger side.
Baam !

The speedometer got even more confused but its accuracy was it was lost twentysomething years ago anyway. Another bottleneck will be the people from the technical street inspection department.

Yes, sir…these tyres are different size but it was common with all maxivans in
switzerland because of the extended 1,5tons load capacity….bla, bla…blubb.
For the moment it worked out well…2600rpm compared to 2850rpm crusing
speed – one liter less consumption and less singing noice from the tires.

Around christmas i felt a bit lonly at home – two or three of these hot wine mix
drinks and ebay still takes your offers. 3-2-1 … i bought a second dodge van from
1987. Not sure why, but on the next morning the hangover and i found out it
had a lpg installation, two recaro seats and a bedframe construction. Same 318 engine, aircon, transmission weak, lifted epoxy roof and all together in flashy orange matt.

The seller offered free delivery when I reimburse petrol and bring him back home.
If you have space – whats wrong with a second dodge van – just for parts ?

Mister dodge got the seats, Ricola and me the bed construction and i traded in the lpg installation kit for an rotten 1965 Opel Rekord coupe (what is another story)
This friend owns also an extracool dodge a100 with the best patina ever seen.
The a100 is the counterpart for the VW T1…the b-series of the vw2.

sofar for 2015 – we decided not to go so far south and settled for tuscany
and lake trasimeno – also we found a cool campground in Castiglinone della pescaia
at the sea. We covered 1800km only instead of 2700km the year before and got
more time on our mountain bikes. Mister dodge was doing just fine – and
had only one unexpected stop at a traffic light, when a battery pole was not
tightend after the winters break.

Ricola got the permission to hit the mechanic with a wip
for that lazy work attitude, after the vacation. Lucky me, she forgot 🤪


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  1. The bed design is excellent and the curtains look like made of Porsche seat tartan. 🙂

  2. Schweizer Kräuterzucker? 😆

  3. Danke für den tollen Bericht!

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