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Mr. Dodge – Part 2 – (2013) – get it ready to rumble

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Will we get the dodge ?

No number plate and a huge community about 15 minutes south of zuerich. How about i ring all the bells and ask for the owner ? you are not in germany…we dont do this here responded my girlfriend. Hmmm…how about flood the mailboxes of that community with our question? you can try this, she said. Next morning i had 30 printouts for the mailboxes but with my past in sales….this takes to much time. I rang all bells but nobody answered my call. At a gate i found two woman chatting. Hello, I am in search for the owner of the american van on parking lot 61 ?the ladies were helpful and gave me directions to one of the appartments. A woman opened and I asked again. Its the van of our son. I will call him if it is for sale. she called him by phone and we agreed to meet next day at the parking lot.

Next day we met the kid and got some history. He bought the van to use it as a tour bus for his rockband „root69“. His friend promised to fix all the issues but ….never showed up to start to work. The rent for the parking lot is 160 swiss franks and without major rework…not way to get the van roadlegal. The kid was stuck 🙄

yes, the dodge was on sale. We started the engine and it run healthy but several fluids spilled over the lot. Waterpump ? hoses ? some brownish fluid halfway between tank and engine – petrol ? Also one or more belts were loose and screamed – my girls face went pale . Are you sure THAT engine is ok ??? she asked. The kid had no glue about anything behind the steering wheel. He was on his straight way to become a rockstar and that vehicle was probably correct kurt cobaine style but these technical issues? We asked about the price and said thank you for presentation.

At home I checked my mental list what these van needs and told my friend; If we start these project I need about 500hours of rework minimum…if nothing serious comes on the way. That means couple of month work before we can go on vacation with that thing. And…there are three projects/classic cars in line also waiting. My girl, lets call her ricola, was already in love. Yes…you fix the car and I make us new curtains for the windows ! From a female point of view a decent help.

The next day I called the kid and told him; How about i give you half from what you want for the van. Plus I will write down hours and do you an picture album on the web about my work. You go on with your career as a rockstar and pay my labor and parts as soon you get your first big paycheck. Until then…I will take care for the van an use it for vacation.

The kid …took the deal. That was around 2013.

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