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There’s a Bomb Ticking Behind Your Door

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  8.   There’s a Bomb Ticking Behind Your Door

If there’s water in the foot well of your 911 or any other car, the door foils are one of three usual suspects. The water will first ruin the door panels, then trickle in the carpet and after some years corrosion will destroy the floor plate and the door sills.
The parts that are responsible for all this trouble are the door foils which separate the wet from the dry side of the door. As long as water stays on the wet side, it will nicely pour out through wholes at the bottom of the door. If it’s allowed to get to the dry side, it will go in the carpet.

Door panels after a while are like a map to the damages of the door foils. In my case you can see that water got into the car through the cutout of the loudspeakers and some other places too.

If door foils look like these, there’s reason to be alert. Obviously mine were still the original ones from 1976 and obviously several repair efforts and changes to the stereo system have torn them in shreds.

The original foils are cleverly designed with integrated “canopies” that lead from the dry side to the wet to permit water to drain.

Originals to my knowledge are no longer available. Rosepassion offers replacements that are stable, beautiful and precisely cut-out, however, the problem is: they are black. They look amazing when applied to the doors but they keep you from finding the spots that require some firm pressing to adhere them to the door panel. Additionally, they keep you from observing what’s going on behind them while you’re doing your test runs. Ask me how I know.
I finally took them as templates to produce my own ones from standard adhesive foil that I bought in the hardware store around the corner.

Special emphasis was given to the spots that made problems before, using duct tape to strengthen things.

And here you go …

1 additional image. Click to enlarge.

2 responses to There’s a Bomb Ticking Behind Your Door

  1. very nice project an very good description and pictures, Johannes!
    Mine look old as well. Lost of silver duct tape fixed the gaps.
    So far no water ingress – at least 🙂
    But as soon as you notice this, I agree that you should not wait any longer to get
    it sorted out!
    Cheers, Peter

  2. Thanks, Peter.
    It means a lot, if it’s you who praises my pictures.

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