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you have a mechanical petrol pump in your classic car ?

That pump is a low tech mechanical device attached to the engine and driven by the engine itself only when running.

Most pumps are sealed units so you cant renew the rubber pump part inside. There is no lifecycle information when to change/renew that thing. The cost is about 20 bucks ( or 30 Euros ( germany) f.e. a seventies Dodge v8.

If the rubber inside the pump breaks because of age or wear, your pump leaks petrol when runing.

So, if your pump is as old as your ride…keep a new pump in your service box or
change the old one soon, otherwise it could ruin your roadtrip.

.. .guess how do i know 😫 ?

Sure, there is always a plan b if you are on your roadtrip somewhere far from home;

You could open that pump in bend the metal hood of the pump back and seal the
broken rubber thing with a petrol resistant glue


install a generic electric pump instead of the mechanical…and dont forget to
renew al rubber lines from and to your petrol pump also.

cheers from good old germany – soon on the way to croatia


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3 responses to you have a mechanical petrol pump in your classic car ?

  1. That’s good advice in deed.

    When injection systems appeared on the market in the seventies, these mechanical pumps were replaced by electrical gear pumps. No longer the fuel pumps only had to transport the fuel form the tank to the carburettor, but also they had to provide the pressure needed for injecting.
    When I did an internship at Bosch in 1993, the job was assigned to me to increase the efficiency of the production of the according gear wheels.

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  2. I need to know more about this Dodge please!

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