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’65 911 Restoration: Pictures of Doom

This article is part of a series:
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  2.   ’65 911 Restoration: Pictures of Doom
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  5. ’65 911 Restoration: Engine and Gear Box

Before we let this thing rise in glory, let’s face it: after 50 years without reasonable care, an old car can be a miserable thing to look at.

14 additional images. Click to enlarge.

3 responses to ’65 911 Restoration: Pictures of Doom

  1. Ja, da ist was zu tun, aber das Auto sieht trotzdem nach einer guten Restaurationsbasis aus. Ich freue mich auf den Bericht …

  2. Not really doom. 🙂
    I wounder about the performance of these early 911‘s. Is it comparable to the seventies and eighties versions?

  3. mid sixties you were the leader of the pack when your car was able to make more than 100miles/hour – 160kmh.

    overall early 911‘s are lightweight and had a good aerodynamic.
    together with a strong engine you have the receipt for any sportscar.

    the white example looks very solid for its age. Did not see very much winter/salt…thats for sure. In 1996 I bought a 1968 swb porsche 912 for 5500usd in Sarasota Florida and gave it a rework there.New Brakes, new front pan, the well known arch behind the doors lower corner (b-säule) How you say in english? A cool car I sold around year 2000 to Austria. Stupid me. sold a lot of classic cars the last 20:years…but this I regret every day since☺️

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