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Alpinchen…a e36 318ti compact for

As some of you know…I left the Nuerburgring racing circus in 2011 and replaced
the thrill with car racing on ice/snow mostly in Austria. With a swiss and german friend we participate there the 6h endurance race with youngtimer cars (- year 1994). In the past a well prepared e36 316 compact was in service (the car with the yellow decor) but for the next season the swiss guy sponsored an upgrade to the black e36 compact. Alpinchen Mk2

More horses, limited slip diff, negative camber could do more speed in turns…but will the drivers make it ? Before I write more about, here a video to watch action on ice – if you have any questions about ice racing or whatsallabout…feel free to ask 😎

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5 responses to Alpinchen…a e36 318ti compact for

  1. That seems a fun way to do motor sports at little costs.

  2. It’s the first time I see the E36 in a classic car context.
    Agreed that the Compact is the most exciting version of it.

  3. always have been a fan of the bmw 02 touring series (had two in the last 20 years) and today the e36 compact is the youngtimer in that form factor. Today cheap and most of em eaten by rust its time to find and keep a solid one. Racing is fun if you have deep pockets – but ice-drifting fun is not related to the value of a car, dont you think ? On ice There is always the chance you bend a fender or razor off a front panel below the bumper. With an e36 bmw most parts cost less than 50 euros and a rattle can full of paint is 15. You can also start with a basic 924 Porsche – engine power is no need on ice and the transaxle layout gives you the perfect balance to finish among the first 10. Still…you need three solid drivers to make
    it all the way – 6 hours – to the finish line 😜

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  4. Hello Alessandro,
    when your car goes sideways its the same instability on ice, wet or dry surface. the message goes from your butt to the spine and from there you work the steering wheel to continue the drift or bring it back to a stabile condition. Overall you play the balance of the car front and rear. On ice you can play that in low speed and
    slowly…the more gripp you have the faster you have to react to keep the
    car on the track or direction.
    Also there are ice trackdays in austria you can train the topic. If you want
    to try it one day you are welcome. If your natural balance feeling is good
    you can learn to control a drift quite fast.

    There is also a vid on my youtube channel from an event on the handlingstrack
    at Red Bull Ring in Austria we instruct and train sometimes. Also you can
    fly to finnland and get a drift seminar on snow there.

    Last but not least – the more your rear goes sideways the slower you are
    so if you do racing on ice you try to do a flat/small angle? drift because …you
    want to be fast ☺️ not spectacular.

    Will try to link the vid

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