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Change of mufflers

It drove me nuts for a while already, that, after hitting numerous speed ramps etc. with my mufflers, these were starting producing shattering noises.
Last week, the shipping from SNG in England arrived and I had the mufflers changed at the workshop. Since we had changed the front sections earlier this year, the removal of the old system was done in reasonable time. After some minor adjustments the new system fits perfectly and the absence of disturbing frequencies in combination with the rasp of the sport mufflers gets me in the perfect mood, cruising around the Lake Constance!

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8 responses to Change of mufflers

  1. It’s great to get stuff fixed.

  2. Stainless steel, I suppose?

  3. It’s important to be in good mood when driving round Lake Constance!

    • This pictures tells it all! It‘s a privilege to live in this region and to have the opportunity to sit and drive in an E-Type enjoying the landscape. Alongside the lake, traffic can spoil the experience, but hilly and winding backroads compensate for the agony!

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