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Grand Retro presents: Barn-find GTV by Jethro Bronner

This article is part of a series:
  1.   Grand Retro presents: Barn-find GTV by Jethro Bronner
  2. Grand Retro presents: Barn-find GTV, Part 2

4 responses to Grand Retro presents: Barn-find GTV by Jethro Bronner

  1. restore a cars complete mechanical condition in one month ? ??

    Thats possible with a team of mechanics AND all spare parts available before. Right ?

    Still jethro makes all that vids by himself – RESPECT for that ! would like to give him a hand to detail spareparts…sometimes its more fun to work in team.

    • @GinTonic
      I wathced pretty much all the work of Jethro since GrandRetro featured his channel and I really like it too. I guess we all know this feeling: we get something settled quickly in a month or so … things never turn out that easy and if we knew, me’d not start at all.

  2. Same here! I like the calm atmosphere of Jethro’s videos. Very relaxing.

  3. on air/life you dont patch panel repair on valuable classic cars thats for sure 😂thank god I did the 1965 opel coup rat car resto offline. still i got some shitstorm inside the porsche elferteam bulletin board about my welding seems….but if you show pics – you have to take the risk. look forward to jethros next clip.

    „calm atmosphere“ is correct – I would hire a stunning blonde with a supershort skirt serve me cold beer when do my videos….but thats me 😬


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