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’65 911 Restoration: Paint Job

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When you’re doing a full restoration, the question what to paint how is not an entirely easy one.
Originally, concerning the way it was painted by Porsche themselves, the 911 during the many years of its evolution went through different phases. While in the beginning, the underbody, the trunk, the cabin and the engine bay were only misted with paint, the wheel arches were always painted completely in the external colour. The closer we get to the eighties, Porsche increasingly applied body colour to the whole car internally and externally.
The way I see it: if you really use a car, underbody and engine bay are going to become dirty anyway. You may be able to keep them clean in the first months or even years, but hey, these parts are meant to be exposed to road dirt, oil and grease, so where’s the point in denying this? To me painting them black is the way to go. I admit that wheel arches are a bit of a border case, as the body colour shines through nicely when the car is all new. Still, to keep them clean you need to remove the wheels and that was not in the mind of the maker.
The cabin floor is covered by carpets and the body colour shining through, e.g at the seat rails, doesn’t look good to me, so I painted it black entirely. Porsche only painted black certain areas and left the rest to chance which looks a bit shabby to me.
In the trunk, however, you’re supposed to remove the carpets from time to time, to get access to the tool set, to change fuses, to use the spare wheel, etc. Apart from that it’s not exposed to dirt in any way, I hence prefer a full paint job there.

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4 responses to ’65 911 Restoration: Paint Job

  1. I fully agree to your painting strategy. Cars are for driving and there’s dirt out there!

  2. I don’t want to be cross, but I really like a painted engine bay.
    (Especially having someone to clean it for me.)

  3. agree, exept engine bay….there you want to see as much as
    possible for maintainance. still…when I think about the empty
    black engine bay from the red 67 mustang….cant paint it white
    it would look strange…

  4. Interesting feedback on GrandRetro‘s FB site:

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