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A short film on Youtube of me driving the BMW Just 4/2 show car I designed in 1995….

In 1994/5 I designed the BMW Just 4/2 and a year later we had the car on display at the 1995 Tokyo Motorshow.
I came across this film of me driving this great ‘fun car’ around Munich on Youtube.

Here is the full (long) story of the creation of the Just 4/2 here on Grand Retro

15 responses to A short film on Youtube of me driving the BMW Just 4/2 show car I designed in 1995….

  1. Very nice! And funny to spot locations in Munich and how they looked twenty years back.
    Did you cut the video recently from footage from back then or was it all 90ies made?

  2. I remember the filming for a German Car program back in 1996 but this seems to have been put together quite recently.

  3. Nice! The helmet seems part of the design. Why no windscreen at all?

    • I conceived the car as a ‘wind in your hair’ fun car.. we always new that this would mean a small potential sales group. The project was also presented with a complete life style collection of fun and all weather clothes.

      We did extensive wind tunnel testing on the spoiler incorporated in the top of the screen
      and it actually moved the air almost over people up to around 1.80m at speeds up to 120-130. Above that goggles where needed.

      Also there is a strange regulation regarding the height of the top of the screen. If it had been any higher than we had, by law, it would have to have had a wiper and a heater to demist the glass…too much extra weight.

      Never the the less we did consider the project for production for almost on year and a redesign of that area was really considered..

  4. Just noticed a detail that caught my attention: at the beginning, that’s the old Technik GmbH building, right? The brick stone one in Hanauer Str.?

  5. And cool the thumb-up motorbike rider. It seems it had worked on the target group!

  6. Two of them! I like the blue one myself. It would have been neat if BMW would have brought this out. A nice option for those thinking about an Ariel Atom!

  7. We never liked he grey one but colour and trim wanted to try out a new paint.
    Once we could i decided it would be repainted in looked much better!

    1 attached image. Click to enlarge.

  8. Very interesting!
    When looking at the market for classic cars, it’s obvious that the minimum attention a car gets is at around 15-20 years. From there it’s climbing again.
    This thing is interesting even at the bottom of its maturation process and therefore it may become huge in ten years from now.

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