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My first Air Cooled 911 Porsche

A long, long time ago I got my first taste of a Air Cooled Porsche 1972 911T. I think at the time the 911T was like the base model. Nothing special no Fuch’s but Cookie cutters wheels instead. Geez I don’t even remember if it was a 4 or 5 speed it didn’t matter. I do remember the engine sound!!! That distinct MFI working those valves and exhaust notes. I also remember the loud, I mean very load backfire when decelerating. I bet I scared the s**t out people on the side of me checking me out. LOL Yeah they would jam on there brakes when it backfired… HAHAHAHA. It’s been a while since I got to hear one of those cars roaring past me. The memories of owning and driving it will always be with me. Long live the AIR COOLED PORSCHE!

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13 responses to My first Air Cooled 911 Porsche

  1. This thing is fantastic, Brian. The beginning of a life long love affair, I suppose?

  2. Cheers, Brian. Wonderful car. Was it silver or white?

  3. I guess this is why we love cars. They preserve all these nice memories!

  4. Viva la Porsche!
    Such a pleasure reading this, Brian.
    Regards from Italia.

  5. This body was so good-looking that, with all respect to later incarnations of the 911, they should make it again! W-ooo-n-der-ful

    • Yes, after visiting the Peterson Automotive Museum today, I agree with you 1000%. I just love the shape, style and sound! Beautiful car!

      • You wouldn’t believe how tiny it is compared to today‘s cars.
        (Picture: Porsche)

        1 attached image. Click to enlarge.

  6. Very nice in deed. My mom had an Ölklappe and it’s fair to say that I grew up in it.

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