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Orange 911S from 1975, Hold Me Back

I have signed-up to the mailing list of the Dutch import company who have some focus on 911’s. I cannot say much about the quality and skill of this company, but their recent newsletter chills me to the bone. Please hold me back, I’m up to something stupid …

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9 responses to Orange 911S from 1975, Hold Me Back

  1. love 911´s but its like beautiful women…you pay much more and
    get even more new friends who want to get in touch/close with
    your girl 🤔 not with you.

    clockwork orange is a fabulous seventies color what is hip
    the last 20 years already. If you like the color and dont want
    to ruin your credit line…buy a 928 or a bmw 2002 and get it
    painted orange…or wrap your own targa in orange foil – just
    for the fun ? This guy here who did the racecar livery in the
    seventies will give us a hand if we ask him – and you could use
    my shop for the project. cheers

  2. @rob
    That’s you! 😊

  3. looks like it is very slopply oversprayed. Real condition would need thourogh checking. How much do they want for it?
    But, I admit: it looks great 🙂

  4. yep. An I saw that they want over 50k for it. That much I would only pay for a at least partly restored one, or proven rust free sample.

  5. fully understand 🙂 Orange is fabulous!
    But you could really try it with wrapping. No harm done.

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