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Sharing the passion

People own classic cars for various reasons. To collect, to maintain, to drive and enjoy and some for monetary reasons (speculation). I personally enjoy the driving before any of the other reasons.

Moving to a new habitat is about relocation and about meeting new people. If you have read my article about the classic car meeting in Langenargen you might have come across a picture of the red E-Type above. People go to meetings to meet other car enthusiasts in order to share experiences, ask for assistance or advice, and some times, you will find a new friend.

I was happy to meet someone who shares the same passion for Jaguar E-Types. Being new to the region it was very helpful to learn about the local support structures (Jaguar and classic car specialists). Diving into the typical topics of long year ownerships and restoration experiences, we soon found a mutual wave length to a lot of other issues. Last Sunday we went to the classic car meeting in Ludwigshafen am Bodensee. We enjoy driving our E-Types and share more than this hobby.

So, go out with your classic car, enjoy gatherings with likewise people. You might find new friends!

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9 responses to Sharing the passion

  1. Couldn’t agree more. Not to mention that the weather is always sunny :lol:, the cars shine like a perfect eye-candy and there’s this laid-back feeling about the whole thing. That’s fairly close to a perfect day out.

  2. I couldn’t agree more, Rainer.
    The hobby is very much aboit the people you meet.

  3. This afternoon I came back from a friends place near Freiburg (breisgau) Also he does classic car restaurations – met his carburator specialist working with a chevy v8 and also his paint specialist and could look over their shoulders.

    6 attached images. Click to enlarge.

  4. why i drive classic cars ? well most of em came into the household
    when my last girlfriend was with me. every time I asked her about
    a nice car she said „buy it ! “. After five years we had an collection
    of 15 classic cars. So one day I asked politely for a little one Gintonic.
    Her reply – thats a nice idea, but I would favour a 1968 Dodge charger
    in black much more.

    We couldnt find a compromise so the Girl took out her 1967
    Mustang and a 1971 Opel Rekord Limo Automatic from the
    collection, left for Florida and married a Redneck 😳 for the
    green card.

    somewhere should be a youtube vid about her Mustang…

  5. Well put, Rainer. I like your conclusion.

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