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The Greatest Car Brand of All Times?

Guys, I’m a member of the GrandRetro team, mainly dealing with marketing and growth of the site. I’m not very much into cars, frankly at this time I don’t even own one. Nevertheless I’m following GrandRetro closely and I’m aware about all of you guys who contribute to the site.

I recently came across this Top Gear video claiming that Lancia were the greatest car brand of all times, counting not less than seven great car designs.

I know what you’re thinking now and I can see the question marks on your face. However, I’m quoting Clarkson: “Stephen Hawking is a great bloke even though a lot of him doesn’t work.”

A poll among Top Gear Viewers had resulted in Ford, Volkswagen and BMW being the brands with the most great car designs in history.
Now, what’s your opinion about it? I’m looking forward to a vivid discussion and especially to the feedbacks of our most frequent authors and contributors and of course anyone else.

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  1. With “most frequent authors and contributors” I mean e.g. @ntky, @gintonic, @johannes, @rob, @e-type, @kartfahrer, @jpatt, @automotive-classiclegends, @martin, @richardr837, @demo1 🙂

  2. good morning, Boris – thanks for your introduction. you have no classic car ? not even a little tiny one ? Unless you write from the center of a city where cars are difficult to keep – let me ask you what would be your favourite classic car? …and preferably something what would not smash a bank account into red numbers like these mainstream porsches everybody likes ?

    The Lancia clip from the Top gear guys is fabulous…Today my favourite car is an Opel Rekord C Caravan from the late sixties. Space for Roadtrips, space for surfboards or a place to sleep comfortable (even with 6feet2) . That car is my swiss pocketknive. Is Opel my favourite brand ? No … for that answer I have to think about a bit longer.

    Cheers and thank you Boris for your support to make grandretro a great place
    for petrolheads.

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  3. Though my heart is bleeding, for my favorite brand Porsche I only count two really great designs, the 911 and the 928 (race cars not counted).
    I hardly see any Citroen lovers here, so let me fill in for them: Traction Avant, DS, HY, 2CV and CX. Pretty impressive, but still only 5 and I admit HY and CX can be discussed.

  4. I follow Johannes‘ example and take the advocacy of a brand not yet well represented on GrandRetro: Renault.
    I’m convinced that R4, R16, Espace and Alpine belong here. R5 and Twingo can be discussed, but I think they are great too.
    (I took the pictures from Wikipedia)

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  5. I wouldn‘t call it the greatest brand, but definitely a great brand – Jaguar! Grace, Pace and Space. Jaguar has an extraordinary design compentence and was from the 50s till the 80s leading in style, performance and comfort as cars like the XK- Series, XJ and, of course, the E-Type demonstrate. Not to forget the price worthiness of the Jaguar in comparison with their competitors.

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  6. I don’t think there is or can ever be a “greatest” car company of all time. Some build high tech/ high performance vehicles but most build ho-hum utilitarian vehicles. Even now and again those companies will wow the world with something spectacular like Ford with its GT or back in the 90’s Dodge with the Viper or the poster child for a mainstream car company building something just for fun Plymouth Prowler. (It may not be a great car but it is sure fun to see one on the road and know in the doldrums of the 90’s some people were let loose to create a road car like that.) Back in the 70’s Datsun came out with the 240Z which is a blast. (I have a 74 260Z). This doesn’t mean their everyday product is garbage as companies wouldn’t hang around long like that. Even KIA and Hyunda have come up through the crowd after selling what most would call tinny throw away cars and started offering 10 year 100,000 mile warranties. Then one day I saw a Genesis. V-6, six speed box and rear wheel drive? Surly not from the likes of Hyunda! But sure enough, it exists and now KIA has followed up with the Stinger. Although I’m still not sold on the “GT” portion of the name as it has four doors and I firmly hold on to the belief that GTs are two door coupes (Also a “sports car” must have only two seats, preferably with no roof and if there is a roof be under chest high.) It still is a really potent vehicle that KIA has layed upon the world.

    As I look at the pictures in this post I start thinking which would I take. Well for sure the A110 (but I’d also want the A310 and A610 too, you know for the full set), Fulvia Sport Zagato and E-Type (with a 3.8 six please). Then I see the lovely sculpt of the hood of the R16 (looking very nice in grey) but I think I’d really want an R17. (It had a really cool instrument panel!)

    I guess I just don’t believe in great car companies just great cars, or even if they’re not great at least interesting ’cause I’d also like a Lada and my friend’s Yugo GVX. (Oh and a Smart Roadster.) For Johannes saying Citroen wasn’t getting any love, I would take a 2CV, DS or SM. Also while in France, a Matra Murena or Bagheera, (Or both!) and a Peugeot 504 coupe.

    Sorry if this is a little rambling, but I am tired.

  7. I wonder who will wave the Alfa flag …

  8. I would certainly take an Alfasud Sprint also the Montreal. For dreaming a Tipo33 Stradale and 8C 2600 Monza but the very top of the list of cars I want would be a McLaren F1 followed very closely by a Miura then an early Countach before all the garbage was stuck on it (although the 5000 QV doesn’t look half bad if the rear wing is left off.)

  9. I can think of many revolutionary car designs, but to me, this is pure greatness.

  10. If you search YouTube Jay Leno’s Garage did an episode with the DS. I love how you can change a tyre without a jack simply by lifting the affected wheel!

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