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Todays ride…or a special car someone let you drive in the past ?

How about a pic of a car you like(d) very much – or a special car your friend/neigbour/relative let you drive in the past and you think about it from time to time… Maybe not worth to open a thread but still…here is the space for it. Its not always about horsepower sometimes it about a smell or a great company what was next to you in the passenger seat. Or your very first car…or the car you sold and still regret it ? Upload at least one pic in the comments and write a few sentences. If you have no pic – google a similar one and copy paste it..we really dont care. Did your mother has a special or unique car…or your grandmother ?

cheers and happyday

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  1. Hi Gina and Tonic,
    following the ever tighter copyright laws and lawyers who are having great fun in cashing in huge sums of money for use of pictures which are not your own property I would seriously suggest not copy and paste anything from google…it can be very expensive

  2. — Image [pic1] not found —

    One of the first and most loved cars I owned ( the 1970’s) was this wonderful Mini Van, finished in a Rolls Royce Red metallic and modified to look like a countryman without the wood and a fiber-glass one piece rear door.
    The engine was a full race engine from a company called Jan Speed and although being the 1178cc long stroke engine it was tuned to produce 100bhp. It was the Ultimate wolf in Sheep’s clothing and frightenedly quick.
    The DOG number plate was especially fitting as I was often traveling with 2 labradors in the back.
    One of my favourite recollections happened on the tiny roads of a Welsh national park.
    While driving towards the coast with friends we spotted in the distance the flashing roof lights of a rescue Range Rover. “Lets catch it up” was the general opinion so we did. Finally coming to a halt many miles later behind it at a junction near the village of Machynlleth. With light still flashing we expected him to move on quickly but both doors opened and uniformed ‘Gents’ moved to my small side widow and as we all expected some sort of reprimand a smile appeared on their faces…” boyo, you were stepping on it a bit …”

  3. my first car in 1980 was an citrusyellow opel manta A from 1973 with 1600cc and 68 HP later. My dad paid 600 deutschmarks for the car and 600 more for a set of new brakes. Thank you dad. The top speed was 145km/h and two years later and some tuning – smashing 195km/h with lucky wind from behind. The usual way to go around a sharp turn was with a oversteer. What else. cheers

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  4. todays evening ride …

    A little japanese sportscar from 1990 meets an 1987 porsche 911.

    Twin cam 16valve engine
    targa roof
    road legal semi slicks
    upgraded suspension for a gocart feeling
    only about 2500 units made it to Europe

    what do you think ?
    Japanese perfection or german enginering ?
    Red or Red ?


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  5. yesterdays ride…a green 928 without any spoilers

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  6. in about 60 minutes i will enter my friends e30 racecar for a testdrive and to break in the new brakes. Whoever will be on the passenger side today…could be a „white knuckle ride“

    Next turn …will be the Salzburgring next weekend

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  7. todays ride(s)

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  8. yesterdays ride. A 1969 c-Rekord Caravan I had for 11 years and sold yesterday 😢 The flamejobed is from 1967 I bought 20 years ago and will keep forever…I think 😉

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