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The 911 of the Eighties

3 responses to The 911 of the Eighties

  1. Really great 911 and a fantastic video Johannes, but my big question is…… Where can I get a “Grand Retro” script for my Alfa?

    • Thanks, @jpatt.
      Your question, that’s an easy one. You just take your phone or SLR and go out with it.
      – Speak into your phone camera the stuff you love about your Alfa and do as many times as necessary till you like what you see. (It’s horrible at the beginning, but once you’re getting used to seeing yourself, the pain slowly goes away)
      – Run around your car and capture some of the views that you love. Film some beautiful details too.
      – Ask a friend to come out with you and do some action shots.
      – Send the whole stuff over and the film will simply arise from the spirit of the relation that you have with your car.

  2. No, I’m talking about the chrome “Grand Retro” badge on the back of your 911. Are those for sale? Did you not like seeing yourself in videos, or was/is it hearing your own voice? (I can’t stand hearing my own voice! I think that’s why I do stuff single take and haven’t edited anything, although the videos would probably be better if I spent some time in post! Maybe even added some music as you do…..)

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