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Historic ice trophy – Altenmarkt, Zauchensee, Austria 14th to

Every year again. The race. 4hours oldtimer and
6h Oldtimer -1984 and Youngtimer – 1994 – some pics to make
you hungry for winterfun with classic cars. You leave your classic
in storage for winter? Its your own fault 😜
If you want to see youtube onboard videos about some fast laps in
an old bmw…let me know.
If you want to participate or at least trainings sessions – let me know
I set you up with instruction rides (german or englisch) , cars or
passenger seats.

So. to be continued. yesterday transfer of our two ice-racecars to Altenmarkt.
Not an easy task because of weather and traffic issues. Still arrived
well and now wait for drivers breafing and free training from
4.30pm. Afterwards is qualifing and we expect an solid starting
position. Upgrades made compared to last year;

1. more negativ chamber fron
2. limited slip diff
3. better continental tires
4. stronger engine (not relevant for ice)
5. better balance – we measured the car 700kg in front
and 680kg at the rear with 45kg extra weight near the rear bumper

The second ice-car is our flamejobed carAVan from 1967. No tuning so
far just studded tires borrowed from a friend.

With us are some friends drive an green volkswagen beetle, porsche 924s
and an 944, Mercedes 190 and.. josef starts with his e36 bmw coup
and automatic transmission. He is more than 70 years old but, hey –
he rides the 6h race mostly by himself, just with short breaks for a
walk to the powder room.

cheers – keep your fingers crossed for our arrival

30 additional images. Click to enlarge.

5 responses to Historic ice trophy – Altenmarkt, Zauchensee, Austria 14th to

  1. Can’t help but note the over-steering on the FIAT, kind of confirms it’s long standing reputation πŸ™‚ but got to be more fun than the others!

  2. There are some pretty expensive cars in this race. Do accidents happen?

  3. if you send a groop of 30 on one track to race there is
    a chance of touch each others. Its in the nature of racing.


    As most participants do gentleman driving and care
    not much happens.
    Overall you can support an overtake procedere in use
    the indicater – the rear driver knows that you have seen
    him and make space for the overtake. Nevertheless,
    Lot of drivers are so engaged to drift and angle the track
    they do not/cant look into the rear mirror. These candidates
    are more difficult to overtake so you have to wait for a
    straight section to make it save.

    If you loose control f.e. on wrong speed at a curve you will
    touch or stick into the snow fence. Mostly soft snow it can be
    frozen snow also, so your car could take damage – mostly below
    the front bumper. Some cars have additional metal sheets mounted,
    these crash guards let the car slide even more on and above the
    snow fence. .

    The speed on ice is mostly in a range of 20- to 50km/h.

    If somebody takes an valuable classic for ice racing there could
    be some reasons;
    – his other cars are even more valuable😎
    – he is a solid driverπŸ˜‰
    – he just dont cares 😬
    – he uses his wifes car 😜

    So if you are interested in a new hobby, you should try some
    ice-track days first, to become a decent driver. There are some
    open lots and instructor lessons available (austria)

    2 attached images. Click to enlarge.

  4. check out…new pics and text – life from Altenmarkt, austria

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