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The Kitchen Sink Porsche (German with English subtitles)

The Iconic Jaguar E Type.

The Jaguar E type is possible the most iconic sports cars of the 1960's. It was driven by footballers, pop stars, hollywood starlets (and their managers) and almost anyone who could afford it and actually get one. There were long waits in deli[...]

The 911 of the Eighties

Classic Car Auktion – – in Salzburg 1. Dez

Wolfgang hat wieder interessante Autos am Start. der Fahrzeug Katalog ist online einzusehen unter dorotheum. com gt winkt

Porsche 911 Targa von 1976: Eichengrün und Kork

Just one more car – I promise ☺️whats on your classic automobil bucket list ?

upcoming November is a dangerous month for automobile lovers. The sunshine gets low and we tend to watch out for an incentive. That year was moving so fast...we all made it so far still alive💃 to daydream about new projects !? In t[...]

The unfortunate history of the AMC Pacer

One may like it or not, but the AMC Pacer was (and is) unlike any other car in the world.

Alfa Romeo GT “Bertone” Faggio & Quadrifoglio

Die Geschichte eines durch und durch bemerkenswerten Bertone.

BMW 323i – The Final Shark

And here goes the English version.

BMW 323i, der letzte Hai