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Born and bred South African with a passion for Porsche and a budget for Beetles.

Taking a trip down communist lane in a Nysa 522

Driving through Warsaw in an old Nysa 522 is a rather rugged experience. Being spoiled by modern technology and features devised to make any ride as comfortable and safe as possible I needed to adjust a tiny bit and lower my expectations of trav[...]

Lessons I learnt from my first car: Ferdi the VW Beetle (Part II)

Lesson number six: Windscreen wipers. Summers in Johannesburg are known for their regular afternoon thunderstorms. Whilst the mornings are blue skied and sunny, and middays are swelteringly hot, a black horizon of impending Armageddon develops i[...]

Lessons I learnt from my first car: Ferdi the VW Beetle (Part I)

Back in the eighties, living in the outskirts of Johannesburg meant having to rely heavily on one’s parents for transport. Once I had turned 18 I was thus rather eager to get my long awaited driver’s license: my first step to freedom and the beg[...]

The Pig (as it is allegedly called)

Spotted today at the Klassikstadt in Frankfurt, this beautiful Austin Healy immediately attracted my attention.